One of the oldest existing and live city in the entire world, Kashi, is the most auspicious and sacred place on the planet. The Skanda Purana enumerates the glory of Kashi in depth and detail. Latest excavations undertaken by Archeological Survey of India at various places have turned up fresh evidence in support of the antiquity of this holy city. Apart from pegging the date of Indus Valley Civilization as 8000 years old, scientists have said in no uncertain terms that Kashi too belongs to that bygone era. According to Skanda Purana, Kashi has this great ability to survive on its own. The Final Deluge (Pralaya), when everything is inevitably destroyed, Kashi survives to proclaim to the world its unique quality of perennial existence. Add to this, Kashi is home to one of the most powerful and revered JYOTIRLINGAS in India – Lord Sri Kashi Vishwanatha and his consort Mother Goddess, Sri Annapurna Devi; the presiding deities of the holy city.

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