Accommodation To The Piligrims

Kashi, the most sought after pilgrim centre of India is always teeming with thousands of devotees. Indeed, there are many dharmashalas, hotels and guest houses to accommodate the never ending stream of pilgrims and yet, finding accommodation in Kashi is a herculean task. Free accommodations are seldom vacant and many devotees cannot afford the tariff of the hotels. Taking into consideration this major problem, the Trust came forward to provide Free accommodation to the Extent possible. It has 13 rooms available at its disposal for the purpose. This building is situated at the backside of Goddess Kashi Annapurna Devi Temple.

Accommodation with A/c Facilities: Air-conditioned accommodation facilities are on offer at Free Nitya Annadanam Scheme. (Unit - II, Aparnath Math Temple, Near Gate No. 1).

Accommodation at Luxa Road: Accommodation is also provided by the Trust at Luxa Road, Varanasi to meet the needs of pilgrims and devotees. Phone: 0542-2390246.

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