Annadana Scheme

Annadanam is supreme and un comparable out of all charities on earth. All life forces come from food and survive with food. so annadanam is nothing but giving PRANA to the living beings.
Pilgrims from different parts of globe regularly visit the temples of Sri Kashi Visweswara one of the JYOTHIRLINGAS and goddess Annapurna Devi for their blessings
Annadanam scheme was introduced in kashi Annapurna Devi temple to provide goddess prasadam as lunch to the devotees who visit temple for darsan and render rituals. The devotees from all walks of life such as sadhus, Sanskrit students, pilgrims and poor people are enjoying goddess kashi Annapurna Devi prasadam with faith and devotion as lunch. Thousands of devotees are being benefitted every day.
Our Trust has constructed a new building constisting 1+3 floors in Dundi Galli Aparnath matha galli (Near Gate No. 1) to facilitate more devotees. It has been dedicated to the devotees on 3-10-2014 to enjoy Gooddess.

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