Medical Services

After food and shelter, health is the primary concern of all human beings. The government and various voluntary organizations are striving hard to render medical services to the public to the maximum possible extent. In spite of this, the society needs supporting hands in medical assistance to cover the needs and minimum requirements of people. Kashi Annapurna Annakshetra Trust too intends to fulfill its duty by providing medical services to the extent possible. The Trust hospital came into existence with effect from 11-11-2011 in its own building at Luxa road, Varanasi. Homeopathy, Ayurveda and Allopathy consultation facilities under a single roof are being provided at this hospital under the expert guidance of three accomplished doctors from the respective fields. The public in general and especially the poor are provided medical services here by the team of dedicated doctors free of cost. Even medicines are given free of cost to the deserving poor on regular basis. Specialists doctors related to eye, ENT and pediatrics also provide their invaluable services here.

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