Yagnopaveeth Sanskar

According to Hindu traditions, from pre-birth to death, there are 16 Sanskaras or sacred rituals that help a human being progress towards perfection and divinity. Yagyopaveeta Sanskara is the most important among these as this sanskara qualifies the child to embark on the path of acquiring knowledge and getting initiated into the sacred Gayatri Maha mantra, apart from participating in various rituals. This is the stepping stone to begin the education of Vedas. The yagyopaveeta is a combination of three threads that represent Sattva (Purity), Rajas (Action) and Tamas (Inertia) or Sthoola Shareera (Gross body), Karana Shareera (Causal body) and Sookshma Shareera (Subtle body). There exists a knot that ties the three threads together and is known as the Brahma Granthi.
The Trust, a frontrunner in preservation and promotion of Hindu traditions, organizes "Mass Yagyopaveeta Sanskara" for deserving Brahmin children on the auspicious day of "Akshaya Truteeya" (Vaishakha Suddha) every year or any auspicious day after the same. The parents and relatives along with the Vedic Scholars participate in this grand ceremony and bless the brahmacharies (Celebate Students). So far, over 1100 poor Brahmin children have benefitted from this programme.

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