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Devotees Who are Interested to stay at Varanasi for Garbhavas Purpose (i.e. 10 Month's Period)are requested to contact us at -
Phone : 0542-2402253/2390614
Mobile : 8429361807
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Kashi is the most auspicious and precious place on the earth and also it is one of the oldest cities. It is perpetually and continuously in existence on the earth with many kinds of living beings from the origin it self. people especially visit Kashi from all over India and abroad to have darsan of lord Viswanadha and goddess Annapurna Devi.

The place of worship is open from 04:00 am to 10:00 p.m Aarties are conducted early morning 12:00 noon & 08:30 & 10:00 p.m ,There is also annadanam daily at the temple premises in the afternoon where devotees can get free food


Kashi is a wholly place being perpetually in existence in all ages, even at time of deluge, when everything is submerged in ocean along with BRAHM as per SKAND PURAN. Here is magnificent shivlinga famously known as Sri Kashi Visweswara and it is one of the 12 jyothrlingas.Just as the sun is visible in the whole world despite its presence at a particular point in the horizon, in the same manner lord Kashi Visweswara and holy town kashi influence throughout the length and breadth of the world for its existence as per skanda purana. Even though the purusharth to human beings dharma .

Annadan Scheme : Unit - 1 (Back side of Annapurna Devi Temple) Phone : 0542-2402235,+91-8429361807
Annadan Scheme : Unit-2 (Annapurna Mata Gali Gate No. 1) Phone : 0542-2402252,+91-9076651802
Old Age Home (Misir Pokhara, Varanasi) Phone : 0542-2390243
Yagyopaveeta Sanskar (1000 Brahmin Children are Benefitted) Phone : 0542-2402253
Information Center (Daily Darshanarthi are Benefitted)

Service Centre (Daily Darshanarth are Benefitted)
Accomoodation to the Extent Posible (Back side of annapurna Devi Temple), Varanasi
Accommodation with A/C Facilities Phone : 0542-2402252
Accommodation at Luxa Road, Varanasi Phone : 0542-2390246
Kashi Nivas Facilities at Misir Pokhara, Varanasi
Marriages (145 Couples are Benefitted) Phone : 0542-2402253
Meals to th Poors People in Lalita Ghat (Daily 200 Peoples are Benefitted every day)
Tailoring School Unit-1, Kalika Gali, Varanasi (140 Poors Girls & Women ae Benefitted every year) Tailoring School Unit-2, Luxa Road, Varanasi (105 Poor Girls & Women are Benefitted)
Medical Services (Peoples are Benefitted) Phone : 0542-2390246,+91-9076651907
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